2014 and Living in Creation

It’s a new year and a time when many look at their life situation and consider initiating something new.  It could be related to one’s health, living situation, personal finances or any other area that appears to need some attention.

In his book Living in Creation, Dhyan Vimal asks his readers to ponder, “Am I a creation? Or am I the creator?”

I feel this is a brilliant question: Am I allowing the outside world to create me – a victim of creation? Or, am I participating in the creation of my life as a creator?

My life is about having the ability to create the reality that I choose to live. The fact is: I am the chooser. Living in personal order is a state where one’s life and one’s reality are one and the same. However, how does one get there?

As I see it, it begins with being conscious of my beliefs. When I study and do the inner surgery of my beliefs, I learn a little bit more about myself. Then, when I’m conscious of my belief, my reality gets in line; and when my reality gets in line, life shows me that I have encountered what is and I recognize my possibilities.

Everything in life is an opportunity to grow and transform.

Sometimes we put limitations on ourselves and that’s just sad! We get stuck, crystalized, in our idea of self. It was a powerful moment when I woke up to the fact that the only thing preventing me from life is all in my mind.

I determine me. I live my life as the “chooser”. And I do my best to be conscious not to allow anything on the outside to influence my decisions, just as I don’t want to influence another.

I believe to live a life learning is to live in the possibility. I am the master of my reality. It’s glorious being human!

I wish everyone a wonderful year of living in creation – consciously as the creator!