Delicious Sentences

First off I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support, its been a great month of getting started. I thought this month I would write about sentences – delicious sentences!

When I start to write anything, I ask myself: What is my intent? What do I want my writing to do? And it all begins with the first sentence … it’s where we start. The fact is: to be better writers we must write better sentences.

Sentences are shaped by context and have a specific purpose. A sentence always advances ideas. Whether short or long, they are the foundation of written communication to convey information, join ideas, and advance propositions: they are the building blocks of prose. Sentences are alive, they have rhythm and there are strategies to make them more effective.

Grammar classifies words by their functions in a sentence. Sentences are categorized as simple, compound, or complex; however, a simple sentence can evoke a complex reaction from a reader.

And then there is style, we might think of style as how we present our ideas. To define the term style would be to open a can of worms as it is so subjective and so contested. I feel style reflects what the writer writes and is apt to change and evolve in a writer’s career.

Perhaps, if you like, think about the writers you have enjoyed reading. What is their style:  factual, emotional, descriptive?

If you can become more aware of your purpose for writing, and in which style you’d like to convey your ideas, it will be a great start to creating delicious sentences!