Exciting times …

In Dhyan Vimal’s book The New Success he writes, “I would define the new success as the capacity to give birth to that which is you.” For me, those words are very profound. They just make sense. I love to write, I love to edit, that is who I am. He goes on to state that, “When you fit with what is right for you, everything unfolds effortlessly.” I have to agree. Janet Love Morrison Editing was initiated on May 2, 2012. From the start all the right people arrived to assist me in launching the company. The law of synchronicity has clearly been at play and I thank all of you who have been a part of the creation.

This is my next step and as stated in the company profile; I truly believe when more and more people discover their gifts all these gifts will come together and create a better world.

Yours in creation!

A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to one slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe.                           Rumi