Style is an expansive, subjective concept. We may be referring to the style of a time in history, the style of a genre, the style of a country, the style of an individual writer, or the style of a particular period in a writer’s life. It’s vast.

By definition, style is how the writer uses words, phrases and sentences to form ideas. It is also the qualities and characteristics that distinguish one writer’s work from another’s.

How do you create your own style? Like Hemingway bare and spare? Or more lushly descriptive and emotional?

Style is content and what one writer many find elegant may be profoundly different from what another writer finds elegant. As I see it, elegance is the matter of efficiency in which writers deliver their words. How effective is the writing? How has the information been delivered? What is the reason?

Perhaps style is the mind, the creator, behind the words. Thus, the writer’s style is determined by how the writer combines propositions.

What is your writing personality? Are you a free spirit and ready to write about any topic at any time? Or are you a detailed person and keeping track of each move as you go along?Do you like to write about any subject? What is your style?

If your writing contains many short sentences, it may sound like a textbook. The antidote, combine some of your ideas into longer, smoother sentences. There are many writing techniques, try experimenting with them and you may gravitate to a particular one that just may assist you in creating your own unique style.

Pick a headline from a newspaper and rewrite it in a completely different style … one must have style!