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  • The Hawk and the Hare

    Released: May 2020
    Category: Military History WWII, Canadian History, Indigenous Fiction
    ISBN: 978-1-7770101-2-6 (print)
    ISBN: 978-1-7770101-3-3 (e-book)

    Tidewater Press
    PO Box 16067
    617 Belmont Street
    New Westminster, BC
    V3L 1L7


    It is 1944 and the young Canadians of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry have had enough of drills and night marches and waiting. Private Ewen Morrison is 21 years old when he joins the regiment in Sussex and meets his new platoon, including Reggie Johnson, an indigenous soldier from Ontario’s Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve. His new friend supplements the army’s training with some of his own, helping to prepare Ewen for scouting missions against the enemy. Landing on Juno Beach, the men confront the brutal reality of war as they advance across northern Europe with the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division. Reggie’s bravery, skill and authority soon earn him a field promotion, but not necessarily the respect of all the men in his platoon.
    Based on war diaries and regimental records, The Hawk and the Hare is inspired by the real-life experience of the author’s father. This is not the story of generals and officers, but of the men on the ground and the hardships they endured. Exploring themes of friendship, culture and valour, The Hawk and the Hare honours the young men who fought to liberate Europe in the final months of the Second World War.

  • The Lotus Farmer

    Released: April 2015
    Category: Mind, Body, Spirit
    ISBN: 978-0-9938805-0-6
    ISBN 978-0-9938805-1-3 (Ebook)


    Bhava Jothi Publishing
    Maple Ridge, BC

    In the East, the lotus flower symbolizes the transformation of one’s soul, one’s journey and the rising of one’s inner being. In The Lotus Farmer, hairdresser George delivers ancient teachings to a group of women from profoundly different cultures and belief systems who meet weekly at his beauty salon. We watch them rise and fall as they encounter or avoid life’s challenges: love, success, aloneness, addiction, depression, family violence, forgiveness, courage, compassion, leadership and more. In time, as they absorb what George has to share, they recognize their possibilities and discover that rising to be the best one can be as a human supersedes all their differences.

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    Janet has travelled the world, experienced many cultures and understands how women of different beliefs and backgrounds can come together.
    Bob Barnett
    Pique Newsmagazine

    In the fast-paced story-telling style of the Celestine Prophecies, Love Morrison’s book offers up a slice of history at a time in the early 70s, when the pace of life changed and took humanity on a giant leap forward, toward our now emerging global culture. Compelling and insightful, this is a fun read that drew me into the fascinating perspective of Canada’s multi-cultural mosaic while telling stories that are laced with drama, spiritual insights and perennial philosophy.  
    Beth Hedva, Ph.D.
    Author of the award-winning Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness; and former Director of the International Council of Psychologists

  • Radar the Rescue Dog

    Author: Janet Love Morrison
    Illustrator: Zuzana Riha Driediger
    Foreword: Justin Trudeau
    Released: October 2013

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    Interview with Rick Cluff on CBC

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    Bhava Jothi Publishing
    Email: janet@janetlovemorrison.com
    Tel: 604.561.2664

    ISBN Numbers:
    eBook: 978-0-9938805-3-7
    Paperback: 978-0-9938805-2-0

    In 1978 Radar was Whistler’s first avalanche rescue dog. His home was Whistler and his owner was Bruce Watt, one of the original founders of the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association (CARDA).

    The safety of mountain guests is critical in all ski areas. Much like we are taught about the hazards of water, electricity and fire, we must also teach young people about the fundamentals of mountain safety. This is the intent of Radar the Rescue Dog.

    The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada has written the foreword. His brother Michel was tragically killed in an avalanche in November 1998. Since then the Trudeau family has participated in mountain awareness.

    Radar is endorsed by the Canadian Avalanche Foundation; the Canadian National Ski Patrol; the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association; Whistler Search and Rescue; and Dave Irwin and Steve Podborski of the famed Crazy Canucks.

    About the Illustrator:
Zuzana Riha Driediger lives in Revelstoke BC, and has been a member of CARDA since 1993. She currently sits on the board of directors for the organization and helps instruct rescue teams when required. She is presently training her third avalanche rescue dog who looks a lot like Radar.

    Radar Lesson Plans
    Follow up teacher led lessons: Part 2 discussion questions
    Mountain Safety and Radar the Rescue Dog Quiz
    Mountain Safety Crossword Puzzle
    Mountain Safety Word Scramble
    My Mountain Review Activity

    Lesson plans for Radar the Rescue Dog have been created by Kendra Von Bremen and Bridget Daughney.

  • Canada’s Legendary Ski Team – The Crazy Canucks

    Winner of the 2009 ‘One Book, One Vancouver’ Award presented by The Vancouver Public Library to celebrate Vancouver hosting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

    Author: Janet Love Morrison with a foreword by Peter Mansbridge

    Released: November 2008
    Category: Sports History
    ISBN: 978-1-55017-432-8

    Harbour Publishing Co. Ltd
    P.O. Box 219
    Madeira Park, BC
    V0N 2H0

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    No one in Europe had even seen anything like it: a handful of young Canadian men fearlessly hurling themselves down the iciest, steepest courses of the World Cup ski racing circuit. In the early 1970s no non-European had ever won a men’s World Cup downhill and nobody expected this to change. Then, in 1975 Canadian Ken Read won at Val d’Isere and the Canadians began appearing on World Cup podiums with increasing regularity. It didn’t take long for journalists to start calling them the ‘Kamikaze Canadians’, but the name that stuck was the ‘Crazy Canucks’.

    The courage and high spirits of the young Canadian racers: Dave Murray, Dave Irwin, Ken Read and Steve Podborski made them the favourites across Europe, where Swiss or Austrian or French fans would rather see the Canucks win that their old archrivals. The Crazy Canucks provides a timely look at a distinguished and colourful chapter in Canada’s sporting history.

    Janet Love Morrison has written about an important part of our sporting history … For a younger generation, this is like discovering the people who laid the first tracks in fresh powder – the boys of winter who inspired so many who followed.

    Peter Mansbridge
    CBC Chief Correspondent and Anchor of CBC’s ‘The National’.

    In 1997, Love Morrison worked with Summerhill Productions on the CBC’s Life & Times, Those Crazy Canucks that aired February 1998. The documentary was well received by the network and garnered over one million viewers.

  • That which I can be, a journey with my Master

    Author: Janet Love Morrison

    Released: May 2005
    Category: Personal Transformation
    ISBN: 983 2940-04-4

    Zazen Publishing House
    28-2 Jalan PJU 5/15 Dataran Sunway
    Kota Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya

    Tel: 603 6157 7746
    Email: zazen@tm.net.my

    A much-travelled Canadian woman finds that her real journey has just begun. Living in the East, her encounter with the Master has made her aware that it is the inner journey that really matters. Told with heart-warming frankness and a child like innocence; it provides us with an intriguing insight of the Master and what he stands for.

    That which I can be is a leap of faith towards self-discovery. Janet shows us that which she can be. It is a story of mastery – of unconditional love, of devotion, of passion and of sheer celebration. Of Dhyan Vimal, a modern-day enlightened Master, who shares his bliss, his abundance with all his disciples – helping them to become all that they can be, with all the dignity, with all the glory.

    It is written from the heart. Love Morrison shared a lot of insight and love into the world of Mastery and Meditation.

  • Whistler Reflections

    Florence Petersen
    Sally Mitchell
    Janet Love Morrison

    Released: September 1995
    Category: Regional History
    ISBN: 1-896171-09-5

    *Out of print

    Terra Bella Publishers Canada Inc
    10 – 2471 Marine Drive
    West Vancouver, BC
    V7V 1L3

    *Out of business

    Before Whistler became the popular skiing haven it is today, if was full of explorers, loggers and settlers. Their stories make for fascinating reading in this anecdotal history that depicts a vivid life in the ‘valley of dreams’. The writers drew from an extensive collection of photographs from the Whistler Museum and Archives. This book is a timely celebration of the resort’s colourful past.

    Whistler Reflections is one of the best local histories yet produced in our province. As an author and BC historian I know full well the amount of work and research that must have gone into this fine addition to our local literature. Florence, Sally and Janet should be commended for their efforts. They’ve authored a poignant and thoughtful book that captures the spirit of adventure of Whistler’s pioneers.

    David Mitchell
    BC MLA
    West Vancovuer-Garibaldi
    1991 – 1996