Janet offers a variety of workshops customized for specific audiences. For further information please send an email.

Get Published

Janet offers this workshop to help aspiring writers achieve their publishing dream. The publishing industry is rapidly changing; therefore, print-on-demand and eBook technologies are making self-publishing more available to first time authors.

This workshop will look at different models to getting published, the costs, marketing and promotion.

The Writing Process

This in-depth, hands-on workshop is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who writes or aspires to write. It will cover the writing process from ideas, organization, style and effective writing to revising, editing and getting published.

The Editorial Process

Everyone keeps telling you how important the editing process is when it comes to publishing your book, but what does that really mean? The reality is, editing differs from project to project and the part an editor will play in your book will depend on a lot of things.

In this workshop we’ll talk about the various roles an editor might take in your book project, whether you’re working with a legacy publisher or trying to produce a first rate product on your own.