Hello Toronto!

Magnet, hosted by Magazines Canada, is a couple of weeks away and immediately following the Editors’ Association of Canada is hosting their annual conference. I’ll be attending both conferences and I welcome every opportunity to learn.

For me, every time I write is an opportunity to be mindful of why I write. I do my best to be conscious of my intent and within that be aware of the words I choose. It’s a perpetual learning experience and perhaps that’s why I enjoy the process so much. And when I’m finished, I look at it again and again and ask myself if I’m bringing my ego in, or am I trying to influence through the tone and voice I have chosen? As I see it, there’s a fine line between influence and inspire. It seems to me that influence has a negative connotation, it’s trying to sway someone to another’s beliefs; versus inspire, which is to ignite someone to flower and see their grandness.

As writing is such a solitary occupation, professional development gives me the opportunity to mix with other scribes and people in the industry. I always leave with new tools and insight. Going to these conferences is when I can catch up with all the latest developments and trends that I can take away and share with others. For as I see it, broadening my scope in the industry leads to new opportunities to serve others.

In the ever-changing flow of life, I like to always leave space for the new to enter, the new to begin …