This month I’d like to write about vision as it’s a subject that’s been on my mind lately. Do you have a vision for a better job, a better world? Do you have an insight into your possibility, your vision over you?

I love this quote by Master Dhyan Vimal, “A vision of a better world is going to born when there is enough people who find their own inner vision. And this vision is nothing spiritual. It is purely practical. Actual, real, day to day. That vision is carried to your work, to everything you do, in your relationship that vision is lived out.”

My day to day vision is to rise to be the best I can be whatever I’m doing. And not from the competitive mind, from the belief that when we all rise to be the best we can be humanity will rise to be the best it can be.

Later this month I’ll be heading out on a book tour to¬†Canmore, Calgary, Regina, Yorkton, and Toronto; I’m holding the vision of sharing my new book with people kind enough to come to the readings and signings … especially in Arctic temperatures!

My vision is to live in harmony with existence, to participate in the vision I have of myself and extend that opportunity to another. For perhaps when more people are living their vision, this old world may be a happier place!

What is the vision you have for you?